• CNG Muara Tawar Plant, Bekasi

  • Cilamaya Plant, Bekasi

  • Randu Blatung Plant, Blora

  • Tambak Lorok Plant, Semarang

  • Merangin Dua Plant, Jambi

 Engineering Package

PPE team provides a full range of Engineering services and solutions, including process design, equipment sizing, mechanical calculation, instrument sizing and selection, plot plan and package design, and also detail engineering.

Our skilled employees are continuously trained and educated to master the relevant high technologies.

Engineering Design involves:

  • Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid
  • Gas Coalescer Package
  • Gas Dryer Package
  • Scrubber Package
  • Fuel Gas Filter/Separator
  • Heater Package
  • Manifold Package
  • Regulator (PRV) Package
  • Metering Package
  • Liquid Coalescer Package
  • Slug Catcher Package
  • K.O. Drum Package
  • Produced Water Package
  • Gas Dehydration Unit
  • H2S / CO2 Removal Unit
  • Condensate Stabilizer Unit
  • Gas Refrigeration Unit
  • Fractionation Unit
  • Glycol Regeneration Package
  • Geothermal Separator
  • Cement Tank
  • Nitrogen Skid