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Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin U.S.A., Anguil has offices in The United Kingdom, Asia and an extensive network of agents located throughout the world. We have the necessary experience and personnel to effectively address your air pollution abatement needs

Founded by Gene Anguil, Anguil Environmental initially specialized in energy recovery systems. Utilizing the company's experience in air handling, energy control and chemistry, Anguil began successfully designing and fabricating a popular catalytic pollution control system. Using this formula for identifying and executing solutions, the company evolved into a provider of numerous oxidizer technologies.

Following enactment of the 1990 Clean Air Act, Global Technologies Inc. was formed as a division of Anguil Environmental to focus on emissions associated with soil and groundwater remediation of brownfield and superfund sites. That business unit remains well established as the authority on oxidizers for chlorinated and halogenated remediation projects.

In 2008, at a party celebrating the Anguil's 30th year in business, Gene announced that the company would begin its' transition to the second generation. He became the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and handed many of his responsibilities over to the next generation, namely Chris and Deb Anguil.

Chris Anguil, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at that time, became the President of the organization. In this capacity he is responsible for both, the top line or revenue as well as the bottom line or profit.

Deb Anguil, serving as Vice President of Operations, transitioned into Chief Operating Officer (COO). In this capacity she maintained her responsibility of meeting customer expectations while also focusing on product improvement and overall efficiency within the company to improve profitability.

Anguil Environmental Systems is proud to be a family owned and operated company located in Milwaukee, WI and engaged in an industry that ensures future generations a sustainable environment. See what it is like to be an Anguil employee.

The entire organization remains dedicated to its' slogan, "Committed to Cleaner Air." That approach still drives the company today and includes:

  • A thorough knowledge of applicable regulatory requirements
  • A complete understanding of each customer's process
  • A detailed assessment by our experienced application engineers of the airstream contaminants and airflow
  • Preparation of a comprehensive proposal carefully defining the optimum approach to resolve customer's air pollution control needs

For more information please go to www.anguil.com