• CNG Muara Tawar Plant, Bekasi

  • Cilamaya Plant, Bekasi

  • Randu Blatung Plant, Blora

  • Tambak Lorok Plant, Semarang

  • Merangin Dua Plant, Jambi

Rhine Ruhr is a 100% Australian owned and operated company. Provide solutions to the process equipment in industry of Oil and Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical and Oil Refinery. Offer a comprehensive range of column internals with technical and installation support worldwide. Having sales to over 30 countries and we received the Australian Export Award for Small Business Services for 2008. Unique equipment designs have been employed successfully for more than 20 years. Members of FRI and GPSA Having in house Research and Development programs. Having in house CFD and FEA capability and if requested can supply investigation reports to both our local and international clients.

Products and Services:

Separation Equipment :
Gas/Liquid and Liquid/Liquid. Mesh Pads, Vane Packs, Cyclonic Separators, Vane and Cyclonic Inlet Devices.

Distillation Trays
Bubble Cap, Sieve, Valve and High Performance Trays.

Column Packing
Random and Structured Packing.

Column Internals
Packing Supports, Liquid and Gas Distributors and Chimney Trays.

Reactor Internals
Inlet Distributor, Collector Trays, Catalyst Support Grids, Baffle Plates, etc

CFD & FEA Analysis Services
Computational Fluid Dynamics & Finite Element Analysis for existing operational performance problem solving and improvement as well as examine new proposed equipment.

Engineering Support
Installation supervision, maintenance and shutdown support and performance troubleshooting.

For more information please go to www.rhineruhr.com.au