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Gas Dryer Package

The Gas Dryer split wet gas stream at the gas dryer inlet through a differential distributor valve. Part of this gas stream is passed through an external heater and heated to a regeneration temperature of 160-180°C, then it is fed to an adsorber desiccant tower containing silica gel or activated Alumina/Molecular Sieves under regeneration thus removing out the moisture from the desiccant bed. A water cooled or air cooled aftercooler condenses the desorbed moisture which is discharged regularly through the automatic drain trap. After condensation this gas stream joins the main incoming stream and goes for drying to the other tower under drying. Normally a cycle time of 8 + 8 hours is utilized to complete one cycle of operation. After each operation the changeover is effected automatically.

This type of dryer provides an outlet Dew Point of -40°C. The gas dryer can be supplied with standard accessories like simplex/duplex Prefilters/Afterfilters, Flowmeters, dew point meters etc. The system is fully automatic or semi automatic, with Timer/PLC controls with feedback to/from main DCS.

Gas Dryer Package