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 Gas Liquid Separator


 PPE’s separation units are engineered in a wide variety of configurations to meet your specific production needs and requirements for volume, gravity, pressure, foaming, paraffin, hydrates, impurities, corrosion, and other production parameters. We design and manufacture either standard or custom separation units with equal quality and reliability. All PPE’s separation units are provided with sufficient instrumentation and control devices necessary to ensure safe and continuous operation.

Types of Separation Units Include:

  • Horizontal Separator
  • Vertical Separator
  • Separators can be either
  • Two Phase Separator
  • Gas - Liquid
  • Liquid - Liquid
  • Three Phase Separator
  • Gas - Liquid - Liquid
  • Cyclone Separator

The Separator internal Include following internal device.

  • Inlet device (simple deflector plate, half pipe, Vane type inlet device and other third party type of inlet device)
  • Mist eliminator (wire mesh, vane pack, cyclotube and etc.)
  • Sand jetting
  • And other internal specified by client


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