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Indirect Fired Heater

Indirect Fired Heater

Indirect fire heater is use to raising fluid temperature either liquid or gas. By raising temperature it can reduce liquid viscosity, prevent hydrate formation and also increase differential temperature between gas dew point and gas flow temperature. For safe application we provide water batch indirect fire heater to prevent direct contact between hot flue gas and heated fluid. The batch fluid can be water plus corrosion inhibitor, glycol or thermal oil.

This units is atmospheric tank which consist of fire tube, and heating coil inside. The heat from hot flue gas, transfer to the heating coil through batch liquid. So, there is no direct contact heating process Ours indirect fire heater. By indirect heating process, the explosion risk can be eliminate.


Ours indirect heater package, consist of:

  • Atmospheric Heater shell
  • Expansion tank
  • U-type Fire tube
  • Heating coil
  • Force or natural draft burner
  • Stack
  • Gas train
  • Instrumentation required for process monitoring, control and safety.
  • Burner management system for safe operation.


The units will be packaged with skid frame for easy transport and installation.

Design code:

  • API B31.3
  • API 6A
  • API 12K
  • NACE MR01.75
  • NFPA 8501